Full Sail University: “Red Bull LAN E-Sports Training Invitational”

[ES]: Even the best players in the world need time to prepare themselves in order to compete for the top position, especially in professional gaming. Starting this Friday, training will begin for a selected group of StarCraft II and Halo: Reach contestants at Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL, including for 19-year-old Lee Sak Won who finished 5th on a recent SC II tournament, [http://pro.majorleaguegaming.com/competitions/29#event_87_results].

Red Bull will be streaming each night live the training of these players via the mentioned sites below (in the press release) for three days from 6pm-12am. It will be the first time Full Sail students get to see a professional gaming event at their campus.

[EN]: Hasta los mejores jugadores del mundo necesitan tiempo para prepararse para competir por la primera posición, sobre todo en juegos a nivel profesional. A partir de este viernes, el entrenamiento comenzará para un grupo seleccionado de concursantes de StarCraft IIHalo: Reach en la Universidad Full Sail en Winter Park, FL, incluyendo para el de 19 años de edad Lee Won Sak quien terminó quinto en un reciente torneo de SC II,[http://pro.majorleaguegaming.com/competitions/29#event_87_results].

Red Bull transmitirá en vivo cada noche el entrenamiento de estos jugadores a través de los sitios mencionados dbajo (en el comunicado de prensa) por tres días de 6pm-12am. Será la primera vez que los estudiantes de Full Sail lleguen a ver un evento de  juegos a nivel profesional en su campus.

[Press Release – Comunicado de prensa]

From: Full Sail University

Red Bull LAN E-Sports Training Invitational Kicks Off in Orlando at Full Sail University

Santa Monica, Calif. – March 12, 2012 – Elite e-Sport athletes aren’t just gifted competitors—they are dedicated athletes that train relentlessly to achieve the pinnacle of their game. Today, Red Bull Gaming announced Orlando as the first stop on their 2012 Red Bull LAN invitation-only performance camp circuit, geared to provide leading and emerging e-Sports athletes with the tools, time, and training to prepare them for professional gaming competitions throughout the 2012 season. Kicking off in Orlando, March 16-18 at Full Sail University’s on campus performance venue, Full Sail Live, the Red Bull LAN circuit continues through 2012, with additional events to follow in Austin, Seattle, Boston, and Chicago.

Converging in Orlando, twelve of the world’s fiercest StarCraft® II players from Korea, Sweden, USA, and Germany, headlined by newly signed Red Bull Gaming athlete Lee Sak “PartinG” Won will participate alongside twelve dominant Halo: Reach players including Red Bull Gaming athletes Ian “Enable” Wyatt and Mike “Flamesword” Chaves. Taking advantage of this distraction-free training camp environment, these leading e-Sports athletes will hit their respective playing fields for more than ten hours each day of the Red Bull LAN, testing new strategies, scrimmaging in intense sessions, reviewing films of gameplay to improve their performance and refining their techniques for professional matches. Other resources afforded to these athletes include access to a sports psychologist and nutritional analysis, ensuring that each competitor has the tools and knowledge to compete at their highest level.

Fans of e-Sports can observe the training, follow their favorite athletes and get to know emerging stars through streaming feeds, broadcast live each night online from 6:00pm – 12:00am EST on www.redbullusa.com/lanwww.twitch.tv/team/redbulllan and www.day9.tv. Viewers will also be treated to expert host commentary for each title, with expert announcers narrating the action throughout the six hours of streaming gameplay. Sean “Day[9]Plott the premier commentator for the StarCraft II community, in tandem with Marcus “djWHEAT” Wheat will call the plays and analyze the action on three dedicated streams, with newly retired Red Bull Gaming athlete and legend, Dave “Walshy” Walsh hosting the Halo: Reach stream throughout the Red Bull LAN training circuit.

The Red Bull LAN at Full Sail University in Orlando offers a unique, first time opportunity for the university’s students to attend and observe nightly gameplay sessions in-person, watching e-Sports masters at work from within their own campus. Full Sail University is an award-winning entertainment and media institution which offers on campus and online degree programs in areas including Game Development, Game Art and Game Design. Full Sail graduate credits include work on numerous SPIKE Video Game Award-winning projects including Halo: Reach and StarCraft II, which will be featured during the Red Bull LAN.

Broadcast on RedBullUSA.com/LAN and Twitch.tv/team/redbulllan, the live show will also be broadcast on Day[9]’s channel, Day9.tv. Previous events have attracted over 1.5 million viewers to the stream. Follow Red Bull Gamingon Twitter – @RedBullGaming – for the latest information.

Available free for editorial use, hi-res video, still images and editorial text is centrally located in the Red Bull Content Pool at www.redbullcontentpool.com.


StarCraft II:

Blizzard Entertainment’s global eSports staple, StarCraft II, the fastest-selling strategy game of all time, challenges PC gamers to hone both their minds and their reaction times to plan and execute devastating attacks while also fending off assaults from their opponents.

More Red Bull LAN participants will be announced in the coming days by Sean “Day[9]”Plott of Day9.tv. Currently announced StarCraft II athletes for the Red Bull LAN Orlando include:

  • Won “PartinG” Lee Sak (Protoss, South Korea)
  • Johan “NaNiwa” Lucchesi (Protoss, Sweden)
  • Kim “SaSe” Hammar (Protoss, Sweden)
  • Marcus “ThorZaIN” Eklöf (Terran, Sweden)
  • Dennis “HasuObs” Schneider (Protoss, Germany)
  • Shawn “Sheth” Simon (Zerg, USA)
  • Joseph “Ret” de Kroon (Zerg, Netherlands)
  • Jin Young “JYP” Park (Protoss, South Korea)
  • Ho Joon “Puma” Lee (Terran, South Korea)

Halo: Reach:

Gamers play competitively in teams of four in this first-person-shooter console game.

  • Dave “Walshy” Walsh (Three-time national champion)
  • Ian “Enable” Wyatt
  • Mike “Flamesword” Chaves
  • Matthew “Royal 2” Fiorante
  • Paul “Snakebite” Duarte
  • Justin “Pistola” Deese
  • Justin “Roy” Brown
  • Jason “Lunchbox” Brown
  • Tom “Ogre 2” Ryan
  • TJ “Lxthul” Campbell
  • Joseph “Tizoxic” Campbell
  • Bryan “Legit” Rizzo
  • Ryan “Destin” Means

For more information at Full Sail University, please visit:





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