Super Smash Wii U Nintendo Direct: Bowser Jr. and Mewtwo oficially announced, plus 50+ cool facts about the game

Super Smash Bros. (3DS / Wii U) - Mewtwo
Super Smash Bros. (3DS / Wii U) – Mewtwo

The 50-fact video seen on today’s Nintendo Direct version of Super Smash Wii U turned out to be more than that, and includes even some surprises, and lots of features which will make this title a must-have one. If you have about 35 minutes to spare and are a Smash fan, then this is a must-see video for you.

01. Default Fighter Line-Up: Over 40 fighters available from the start, more than on the 3DS version. Same movesets as in the 3DS version

02. Resolution: The Wii U version features HD 1900×1080 vs the 3DS ‘s 400×240.

03. Up to 8-player smash: available on specific stages

04. Bigger Stages: Like Palutena’s Temple, Temple (LoZ), Big Battlefield

05. Danger Zone: The Great Cave Underground. Inflict more damage.

06. Dual-Plane Battle: 2 planes – foreground and background. Exciting!

07. Number of stages: More stages in Wii U version.. Structures are different than on 3DS.

08. Miiverse Stage: Messages posted on social network appear in background

09.Palutena’s Guidance: Comments from Palutena while you play as Pit

10. Metal Face: A character from Xenoblades Chronicles appears on Gaur Plains.

11. Ridley (from Metroid) will appear in the game but won’t be playable. Meta Ridley, too.

12. Coin Battles: Collect the most coins to win.

13. Stamina Battles: When your HP goes down to 0, you lose

14. Special Smash: Play a match the way you want it. Customize you character’s abilities and features.

15. Item Frequency: Adjust the frequency of items

16. My Music: Choose the songs to listen to during fights. Select how often or rarely you want to listen to the songs.

17: Menu Music: Change the basic menu music too.

18. Tons of music: A lot more songs on the Wii U version. Almost all the Nintendo 3DS songs are included.

19. Composers: A lot more on Wii U version.

20. CDs: CDs in the game is just one way to collect music.

21. Challenges: Lots of challenges to accomplish.

22. Classic mode: Survival match, even with two players (different that the 3DS version).

23. Completing Classic mode lets you see a movie of your character.

24. All-Star Mode: with limited healing items; in reverse order

25. Event mode: Clear Themed battles.

26. Smash Tour: It is the Wii U version of Smash Run on the 3DS. A smash board game. Up to 4 players. Goal is to collect fighters while advancing your character on the board.

27. Target Blast: Three types of stages. Launch bombs.

28. Group Stadium: Play with others in the Stadium. 2-player co-op mode.

29. Special Orders: Master Hand and Crazy Hand give you unique challenges to complete. Crazy Order requires gold or special passes to play.

30. Master Fortress: A big stage, a dungeon, to conquer.

31. Controllers: Many ways to play the game. GameCube controller, Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuk, Wii Classic Controller, Wii Classic Controller Pro, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U GamePad, Wii U Pro Controller. Customize controllers to play.

32. GameCube Controller Adapter: Plug the adapter into a USB port to use GC controllers.

33. Using the Nintendo 3DS as a controller:

34. Connecting to Nintendo 3DS: Carry your fighters to the Wii U version.

35. Tons of trophies: Yeah! And most trophies on Wii U version come from home console games. More trophies than on 3DS version.

36. Final Smash Trophies: These trophies look awesome.

37. Trophy Box: All the trophies, separated by themes.

38. Photo Studio: Take cool photos by arranging characters in many different ways.

39. Trophy Rush: Collect trophies, even with 2 players at once.

40. Masterpieces: Play lots of timed demos of retro titles.

41. Amiibo: Take charge of your amiibo characters by leveling them up. More amiibo figures will be released after launch.

42. Internet connection: The Wii LAN Adapter will work with the Wii U.

43. Automatic Notifications: Get notifications.

44. Friends and tags: Play with someone else next to you in online modes.

45. Tourneys: A mode that will let you host your own tournaments. Sweet!!!

46. Tournaments: For up to 64 players.

47. Wii U Game Pad: See on the GamePad what you see on your TV. Also, the GamePad will show character damage info.

48. Paint: Take a screenshot of your gameplay when you pause the game. The Wii U GamePad will let you decorate your photo as well. You will also be able to share these pics online.

49. Voice Chat: Talk with friends using the Wii U Game Pad using the microphone, before or after a match, (but not during one).

50. Stage Builder: Create your own stages!

51. Sharing: The company is working on letting players share pictures, replays, Mii fighters, and custom stages with friends, online.

??. Others: features shared by both versions – For Glory Battles, For Fun Battles, Battling with Friends, Conquest, Spectate, World Stats, Replay (and Replay Channel), Buttons, and more, plus, Bowser Jr. revealed!!!

52. Movies: “Joins the Battle” movies for new fighters.

53. Sound Test: People who purchase the 3DS and Wii U versions of SSB and register both titles on Club Nintendo will receive the soundtrack. Must be done before January 13, 2015.

54. Special Announcement: MewTwo is on the way! A DLC bonus for purchasers of both versions… a free download. Still in development. Scheduled for Spring 2015.


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