“Song of Locke”: An adventure novel for Zelda fans

Fans of The Legend of Zelda have gotten to know the famous Hero of Hyrule known as Link thanks to Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto. In its many reincarnations, the main character has fought against the evil Ganon and other rivals in order to save Princess Zelda and bring peace to Hyrule. For gamers, it’s a been a way to live grandiose fantasy adventures in front of their TV screens. Many people express their fan appreciation by cosplaying as Link, but, how about writing a book about a boy with a Zeldaesque feeling of adventure? Writer J. Washburn is working on just that.

With a Master’s in English and three well-reviewed books published, J’s current project is about to become a reality, but his writing adventure in Kickstarter also needs support. Via email, J shared with me the following:

I’ve loved Legend of Zelda since I was a tiny kid. It inspired my imagination in some incredible ways. As an author, I came to realize it was a treasure trove of fantasy ideas. Each small element, just touched lightly by one of the games, could be exploded into a story of its own. So I took a few key themes—like a magical sword, a cursed land, and a princess in trouble—and I began to create a story, eventually called SONG OF LOCKE.

Zelda fans will find many familiar elements. But, while a game’s strength is in action and artwork, readers will find that the novel delves much deeper into the personalities of characters, the intricacies of the plot, and the texture of the world. It’s not a Zelda book, per say, but fans of the series will find plenty in it to love.

According to the synopsis of Song of Locke:

Inspired by classics like Legend of Zelda, SONG OF LOCKE is the story of an ordinary boy. His tale begins when a bloodthirsty band called the Unstoppable Hundred passes through the Enchanted Forest. From a nearby hiding place, Picke—a musical spirit of air—dares Locke to follow the warriors. Little does Locke realize that this small, fateful choice will lead him onto a hero’s path. And, with just enough guts to begin, he soon finds himself on a quest to rescue a Goddess—something he never expected—and a marvelous adventure follows, one with ancient ruins, snarling wolves, magical swords, and dragon flights.

If you are a Zelda fan, take a look at The Song of Locke by J. Washburn on the Kickstarter page. Though the project has reach four times its goal of $1000 already, the number of supporters is also important for J. You’ve got 5 more days if you want to contribute. It ends on December 1st at 1:59AM Eastern.

For more info, visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jwashburn/song-of-locke.


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