Review: Domino’s Zero-Click App

Review: Domino's Zero-Click App
Review: Domino’s Zero-Click App

Since Domino’s has been offering new and cool ways of ordering pizza via digital platforms, I’ve been interested in all the ways of ordering no matter if I’m using a PC, smartphone/tablet, Amazon Echo, Twitter, or even a car equipped with Ford’s Sync by Microsoft (which I have yet to try the service from). Yes, the Domino’s app makes it easy to get the pizza you want, but when you’re feeling hungry and tired after getting out of work and don’t want to do anything but rest in bed, perhaps the single press of a button (to open an app) would be the best thing to do. So, Domino’s came up with Zero-Click, so people won’t have to click anything else to get a pizza order.

While the app takes a bit of setting up with the use of a Domino’s account, Zero-Click is just very simple to use. After opening an account online (preferably with a PC) on, you have to first setup your Easy Order with a recent order made or one order you are about to make; don’t forget to set up the Pizza Profile, too. You can also select the way you want to get your pizza (delivery or carry out). You do need to save your payment info and address to have your customer info ready. Once you’ve set up your preferences, you can store the info with “Save as Easy Order” before placing your actual order. Now, everything’s ready to get to use Zero-Click. If Easy Order has not been setup completely, Zero-Click will let you know.

Yes, it takes a while to get this ready, but it will definitively save you time any time you want to order a pizza as quickly as possible from now on.

Once you open up the app, you get 10 seconds to send your Easy Order to Domino’s. The countdown can be paused, too, if you have second thoughts about your order.

Also, Domino’s has launched its second wave of DXP delivery vehicles this past week by adding 58 of them in 23 markets across the country. The DXP, according to Russell Weiner, president of Domino’s USA, “has a number of special features, including an innovative built-in warming oven, a reconfigured interior that holds up to 80 pizzas, and special compartments to hold side items and sodas.” There are currently 155 DXP cars available nationwide.

Wouldn’t it be cool to see more of those DXP cars in your neighborhood?

For the Latino audience, the app is not yet bilingual like the Domino’s app (which only lets you change the app’s language when switching to Spanish under your smartphone’s main Settings). Perhaps in a future update, the language switch will become easier to make from inside both apps.

Though the Domino’s app requires setting information up, once completed, it is very easy to get your favorite pizza order from the comfort of your couch or wherever you are with Zero-Click. It’s a cool pair of apps.

[Apps]: Domino’s App: (Android –; iOS – Zero-Click App (Android –; iOS –

[Disclosure]: I received a Buffalo Chicken pizza and soda from Domino’s to learn more about the Zero-Click app.

[Sources]: Domino’s: Zero-Click Ordering from Domino’s® — When One Click Is One Too Many; Pedidos Zero-Click de Domino’s® – Cuando un solo clic ya es demasiado; Second Wave of Domino’s DXP® Delivery Vehicles to Hit the Road This Summer.


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