Do more people prefer playing Pokémon Go than watching sports?

*** As seen on Univisión, it seems like more people want to walk outside and catch Pokémon than sitting at home and watch sports.

20160806_010320 (Large)

A funny question showed up last night towards the end of Univisión’s late-night sports show Contacto Deportivo, asking fans what they’re going to do over the weekend:

“¿Qué piensas ver este fin de semana?” / “What are you planning to watch this weekend?”

With the popularity of Pokémon Go, the mobile game was mentioned on Contacto Deportivo. Previously, Pikachu got to appear on the news desk of María Elena Salinas and Jorge Ramos on the Noticiero Univisión broadcast during the premiere week of the app. As we’ve seen on TV, the game has been one of the topics of conversation in the news and morning shows. Pokémon Go has continued to attract fans around the world.

Even though the question for this quick non-scientific survey was “¿Qué piensas ver este fin de semana?” (translation: “What do you think you’ll watch this weekend?” or “What are you planning to watch this weekend?”), the question should have been a bit more specific in this case because if the hosts were referring to Pokémon Go, the question should have been “What are you planning to DO this weekend?” with the more specific choices, “Watch Liga MX (Mexico’s soccer league),” “Watch the Olympics,” or “Play Pokémon Go.” But, why did the hosts ask what the fans want to watch this weekend? I don’t believe the people at the sports show were talking about watching the exciting episodes of the current season of the Pokémon XYZ anime (Go, Greninja!), but about playing the extremely popular Pokémon Go mobile game.

Anyway, the image doesn’t need translation; in this case, the stats speak for itself. As you can see, more fans of a sports show would rather go out and walk to try to be the very best and meet people than simply watching sports at home. Of course, that is if the show refers to the app (which it should).

The info changed a bit on the web site after the initial results, and Pokémon was down a bit from 72% to 70%, still much higher than both sporting events.

Liga MX vs Olympics vs Pokémon
Liga MX vs Olympics vs Pokémon

[Source]: Univisión: Contacto Deportivo (2016.08.06 broadcast).


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