All the companies attending Sony’s PlayStation Experience 2016 | Todas las empresas que asistirán a la PlayStation Experience 2016

PlayStation Experience 2016
PlayStation Experience 2016

[EN]: Via its PlayStation.Blog, Sony Interactive Entertainment released the full list of publishers and developers coming to PlayStation Experience 2016.

Sony’s annual event will take place once again in Anaheim, CA, from December 3-4. As expected, gamers will be able to play many PS4 and PSVR games from 67 companies, including SNK Corporation, Ubisoft, Naughty Dog, Activision, Adult Swim Games, and many more.

If you want to attend the event at the Anaheim Convention Center, you can buy your tickets here.

For now, take a look at all the companies that will be showing up at PlayStation Experience 2016.

[ES]: Por media de su PlayStation.Blog, Sony Interactive Entertainment lanzó la lista completa de editores y desarrolladores que estarán presentes en la PlayStation Experience 2016.

El evento anual de Sony se llevará a cabo una vez más en Anaheim, CA, del 3 al 4 de diciembre. Como era de esperar, los jugadores podrán jugar muchos juegos para PS4 y PSVR hechas por 67 compañías, incluyendo SNK Corporation, Ubisoft, Naughty Dog, Activision, Adult Swim Games, y muchos más.

Si quieren asistir al evento en la Anaheim Convention Center, pueden ustedes comprar sus entradas aquí.

Por mientras, echen un vistazo a todas las empresas que estarán presentes en la PlayStation Experience 2016:

[PlayStation Experience 2016]:

  1. Activision
  2. Adult Swim Games
  3. Alien Trap
  4. Alonso Martin Company
  5. Arcade Distillery
  6. Bandai Namco
  7. Berzerk Studio
  8. Bit Kid, Inc.
  9. Blue Mammoth Games
  10. Capcom
  11. CCP Games
  12. City Interactive
  13. Cleaversoft
  14. Curve Digital
  15. Cyan, Inc.
  16. David OReilly
  17. Defiant Development
  18. Desert Owl Games
  19. Devolver Digital
  20. Double Fine
  21. Electronic Arts
  22. Exploding Tuba, LLC
  23. FDG Entertainment
  24. Finji
  25. Guerrilla Games
  26. GungHo
  27. Happy Badger Studio
  28. High Horse Entertainment
  29. Hollow Ponds
  30. Impulse Gear
  31. Joy City
  32. KO_OP
  33. Limited Run Games
  34. Matt Makes Games
  35. Messhof
  36. Metalhead Software
  37. MidBoss
  38. Milkbag Games
  39. Mografi
  40. Naughty Dog
  41. NextGen Pants, Inc
  42. Paraniod Productions
  43. Playism
  44. Pocketwatch Games
  45. Polyphony Digital
  46. Retro Dreamer
  47. Reverb Triple XP
  48. Robot Entertainment
  49. Schell Games
  50. SIE Japan Studios
  51. SIE San Diego Studios
  52. Ska Studios
  53. SNK Corporation
  54. Spaces of Play
  55. Sumo Digital
  56. Supergiant Games
  57. Team 17 Digital Ltd
  58. Thunder Lotus Games
  59. Tribute Games Inc
  60. Ubisoft
  61. Vblank Entertainment Inc.
  62. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
  63. We the Force
  64. Wonderstruck Games
  65. Ysbryd Games
  66. YummyYummyTummy Inc
  67. Zeboyd Games, LLC

[Source/Fuente]: PlayStation.Blog: PlayStation Experience 2016: Attending Publishers and Developers & PlayStation Experience 2016: Distribuidores y desarrolladoras que asistirán.


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