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Mozilla Delivers Firefox 3.6 to Millions of Users

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January 21st, 2010 · FirefoxMozilla NewsPress Releases

Mozilla, a public-benefit organization dedicated to promoting choice and innovation on the Web, today released Firefox® 3.6, an update to its popular, free and open source Web browser. The latest version of Firefox introduces cutting-edge features, support for a wide variety of Web standards, and access to more than 6,000 free add-ons that allow users to customize their browser to their liking.

Firefox 3.6 is more than 20 percent faster than Firefox 3.5 and includes extensive under the hood work to improve performance for everyday Web tasks such as email, uploading photos, social networking, and more. It also delivers new features like customizable browser themes called Personas, a ground-breaking Plugin updater, improved JavaScript performance, and enhancements to familiar favorites like the Awesome Bar for a better, more personal Web experience.

Firefox 3.6 was built by Mozilla’s global community of passionate contributors, including thousands of experienced developers, security experts, localization and support communities, and hundreds of thousands of active testers. More than 350 million users worldwide enjoy Firefox’s fast, secure browsing experience and unparalleled customization.

What’s new in Firefox 3.6:

Below are some of the coolest features of Firefox 3.6:

  • Personas: Personalize the look of your Firefox by selecting new themes called Personas in a single click and without a restart
  • Plugin Updater: To keep you safe from potential security vulnerabilities, Firefox will now detect out of date plugins
  • Stability improvements: Firefox 3.6 significantly decreased crashes caused by third party software – all without sacrificing our extensibility in any way
  • Form Complete: When filling out an online form, Firefox suggests information for fields based on your common answers in similar field
  • Performance: Improved JavaScript performance, overall browser responsiveness, and startup time
  • Open Video and Audio: With the world’s best implementation of HTML 5 audio and video support, now video can be displayed full screen and supports poster frames

What’s New Under the Hood for Developers

  • Support for the latest HTML5 specification, including the File API for local file handling
  • Font Support: In addition to OpenType and TrueType fonts, 3.6 now supports the new Web Open Font Format (WOFF)
  • CSS gradients: Supports linear and radial CSS gradients which allow for a smoother transition between colors
  • Device orientation: Firefox 3.6 exposes the orientation of the laptop or device to Web pages

How to get Mozilla Firefox 3.6:

Firefox 3.6 is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux in more than 70 languages – more platforms and languages than any other browser! You can download Firefox 3.6 at

New Google Toolbar with advanced translation feature | La nueva Barra Google con función de traducción avanzada

translate-pip-3-widerEnglish | Español

Google recently launched the latest version of its Toolbar for Internet Explorer (and soon for Firefox). Among its most outstanding features there is one that makes translations (though not perfect ones) almost instantly to 40 languages. Google has had this feafure before, but not like it works now. Usually, users visit Google’s translation site in order to write the URL (internet address), select the language theywant to translate it to, and then wait for the test to appear to read it. If you’ve had previous versions of Toolbar, you just had to click at the Translate icon to do it. Google, however, wasn’t completely satisfied.

On this particular occasion , this new update makes it even easier. After starting IE along with the new Google Toolbar, you’ll see a bar on top of the page of each page indicating the language it has been written and if you wish to read in another language. After making your choice, you’ll notice the only thing that changes is the text. The page and its images remain instact. Google will keep translating the pages of the web site you are at until you visit another site.

There are also two additional versions of this Toolbar. One of them comes with My Location to facilitate your search for a place to go around your area. And if you are familiar with Simplified Chinese (the one language used in mainland China and other countries), there is a customized version of  the Toolbar just for you (Google 工具栏简体中文版).

For some of you, using the latest Toolbar will seem like magic. It really does. If only Google could translate text within images in the near future or make perfect translatios. Download the new Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer at

Source: Toolbar, now with advanced translation []. Google Toolbar Labs: Google Toolbar with My Location & Google Simplified Chinese Toolbar (Google 工具栏简体中文版) [].

Español | English

Google recientemente lanzó la más reciente versión de su Barra (Toolbar) para Internet Explorer (y pronto para Firefox). Entre sus funciones más sobresalientes se encuentra una que realiza traducciones (aunque no perfectas) casi al instante a 40 idiomas. Google ha tenido esta función antes, pero no como funciona ahora. Usualmente, los usuarios visitan el sitio de traducción de Google para que luego escriban la URL (dirección en Internet), seleccionen el idioma al que quieran traducirlo,  y esperen por el texto a que aparezca para leerlo. Si han tenido versiones previas del Toolbar, solo han tenido que hacer clic en el icono de traducción para realizarlo. Google, sin embargo, no estaba completamente satisfecho.

En esta ocasión, esta nueva actualización lo hace aún más simple. Luego de iniciar IE junto con el nuevo Google Toolbar, verán una barra en la parte superior de cada página indicando la lengua en que ha sido escrita y si desea leerla en otra lengua. Luego de hacer su selección, se darán cuenta que lo único que cambia es el texto. La página y sus imágenes se quedan intactas. Google seguirá traduciendo las páginas del sitio web de las que están hasta que visiten otro sitio.

También hay otras dos versiones de esta barra de herramientas. Una de ellas viene con My Location (Mi ubicación) con el fin de facilitarle su búsqueda de un lugar a donde ir alrededor de su área. Y si están familiarizados con el chino simplificado (la lengua que se usa en la China continental y en otros países), hay una versión personalizada de la barra de herramientas sólo para ustedes (Google工具栏简体中文版).

Para algunos de ustedes, el uso del más reciente Toolbar parecerá arte de magia. De veras que sí. Si solo Google pudiese traducir texto dentro de las imágenes en un futuro próximo. Descarguen el nuevo Google Toolbar para Internet Explorer en

Fuente: Toolbar, now with advanced translation []. Google Toolbar Labs: Google Toolbar with My Location & Google Simplified Chinese Toolbar (Google 工具栏简体中文版) [].

Firefox 3.5: New browser stats | Nuevas estadísticas del navegador

English | Español

It only took a day for Firefox 3.5 to get on the US & global stats. StatsCounter results show Mozilla’s newest browser is taking on the competition now with over 2% of downloads in the US and about the same worldwide. While Microsoft is still in the overall lead with its three combined versions of Internet Explorer at 60% around the world and 55.8% in the US, Mozilla’s Firefox browsers (verions 3 and 3.5) are in second place with 31.8% in the US and 30.7% globally. Take a look at the following press release and chart for more info about the other browsers.

Español | English

Solo le tomo un día a Firefox para que entre a las estadísticas estadounidenses y globales. Los resultados de StatCounter demuestran que el nuevo navegador de Mozilla está compitiendo ahora con más de 2% de descargas en los EE.UU. y casi lo mismo a nivel mundial. Aunque Microsoft está en la delantera con sus tres versiones combinadas de Internet Explorer con 60% alrededor del mundo y 55,8% en los Estados Unidos, los navegadores web Firefox de Mozilla (versiones 3 y 3.5) están en segundo lugar  con 31,8% en América y 30,7% globalmente. Echen un vistazo al siguiente comunicado de prensa y al gráfico para más información acerca de los otros navegadores.

From/De: StatCounter

Firefox 3.5 Fast Out of Blocks


Boston and Dublin (Ireland): Thursday, 2nd July, 2009: Firefox 3.5 has rapidly gained over 2% of the US browser market since its launch Tuesday according to web analytics firm, StatCounter. This brings Firefox’s usage of the US browser market to 31.8% according to StatCounter Global Stats.

Browser version breakdown:
Combined browser breakdown:

“The fastest version yet of Firefox has certainly sprinted out of the blocks with 2.06% usage in the US in a short time,” commented Aodhan Cullen, CEO, StatCounter. “This latest addition boosts competition for Microsoft Internet Explorer in the browser market wars.”

StatCounter says that globally Firefox 3.5 has also hit the ground running with 1.95% usage. All Firefox usage globally is 30.7%.

Microsoft IE combined (IE 6, 7 and 8 ) continues to lead with 60% of the global browser market and 55.8% in the US. Google’s Chrome has a 2.9% usage in the US and similar globally (2.87%).

Global browser breakdown:

Data is based on an analysis of 180 million page views (42 million from the US) for the 1st July 2009 collected from the StatCounter network of over three million websites.

StatCounter, which provides free website traffic analysis, is one of the largest web analytics companies in the world monitoring in excess of ten billion pageloads per month.

Other regional and country breakdowns can be viewed at:


For interview, photo or further information please contact:

Kerri Crowley, Simpson Financial & Technology PR
Tel: +353 1 260 5300 or E:

About StatCounter

StatCounter, a free online visitor stats tool, was founded in 1999. It offers its members the chance to grow and improve their online businesses by allowing them to monitor the number of hits to their website; the geographical location of visitors; the various pages a visitor views; keywords used to find the site plus other features.

StatCounter currently has over two million members and tracks in excess of ten billion pageloads per month over its network of three million websites. For information on this real-time, user-friendly, and free visitor stats tool, please visit

Portable Apps 1.5

Portable Apps Suite 1.5

Portable Apps Suite 1.5

No two personal computers are alike. Our computers are as unique as we all are, so, you cannot expect all the main applications you have at your computer in somebody else’s PC. While we are seeing some software migrating online, they may not have all of the functions the applications their desktops or laptop computers have. One great solution to this problem is Portable Apps, a series of apps that work from your USB flash drive, iPod and portable hard drives. Best of all, the applications are free. Portable Apps lets you download the apps you need and many of its applications are up-to-date such as Mozilla Firefox 3.1 beta 3, VLC Media Player Portable, OpenOffice Portable 3.0.1 (make your own Word and PDF documents), and lots more. When you go to a public library or at a friend’s house, you may find the usual software: Internet Explorer 6.x or 7.x with MS Office 2003 and previous versions of Flash and anti-virus software. With Portable Apps, you can use the software installed in your electronic device and surf safely while leaving that computer intact.  If you have one now, get Portable Apps right now. Visit the web site to get a list of the games and applications you can download to your USB. Dos computadoras personales no son iguales. Nuestras computadoras son tan únicas como lo somos nosotros, asi que ustedes no pueden imaginarse que todas las aplicaciones principales que tienen en sus computadoras estén en la PC de alguien más. Mientras que estamos viendo programas emigrando en línea, aquellos no tienen todas las funciones que las aplicaciones en sus ordenadores de mesa o portatil tengan. Una gran solución es Portable Apps, un conjunto de aplicaciones que funciona desde su unidad de memoria flash USB, iPod y discos duros portátiles. Lo mejor de todo es que las aplicaciones son gratis. Portable Apps les permite descargar las aplicaciones que necesitan y varias de sus aplicaciones están actualizadas como Mozilla Firefox 3.1 beta 3, VLC Media Player Portable, OpenOffice Portable 3.0.1 (hagan sus propios documentos Word y PDF), y muchos más. Cuando van a una biblioteca pública o a la casa de un amigo/a, tal vez encuentren el software de siempre: Internet Explorer 6.x o 7.x con MS Office 2003 y versiones previas de Flash y software anti-virus. Con Portable Apps, pueden usar el software instalado en su dispositivo electrónico y navegar sin percances mientras que dejan tal computadora intacta. Si tienen uno ahora, obtengan Portable Apps ahora mismo. Visiten el sitio web para obtener una lista de los juegos y aplicaciones que pueden descargar hacia su USB.

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Adobe Flash: Updates | Actualizaciones

Recently, Adobe has updated versions of its Flash player, but it seems like one particular device has been forgotten. Most computer operating systems, including Linux-based OSs, will get the Flash 10 upgrade. Even when it comes to consoles, the PlayStation 3 has finally gotten a Flash 9 upgrade. People will now get to watch Super Mario Bros. Z – Episode 9 on their TVs. But one other console that has not been mentioned at all for a long while, when it comes to a Flash upgrade, is Nintendo’s Wii. The Wii still has the equivalent of Flash 7, and the problem was that Adobe had not released an upgrade of their SDK (software development kit). Does the release of Adobe 9 on the PS3 means that there will be a Flash upgrade for the Wii? Cross your fingers. We’ll have to wait to find out.

Recientemente, Adobe ha actualizado versiones de su reproductor Flash, pero parece que un dispositivo en particular ha sido olvidado. Varios sistemas operativos computarizados, inclusive sistemas operativos baasdos en Linux, obtendrán la actualización de Flash 10. Hasta cuando se trata de consolas, el PlayStation 3 al fín ha obtenido una actualización de Flash 9. La gente podrá ver ahora Super Mario Bros. Z – Epiosdio 9 en sus televisores. Pero una consola que no ha sido mencionada desde hace tiempo, cuando se trata de una actualización Flash, es el Wii de Nintendo. El Wii aún tiene el equivalente de Flash 7, y el problema era que Adobe no había estrenado una actualización de su SDK (kit de desarrollo de software). ¿Quiere decir el lanzamiento de Adobe 9 en el PS3 que habrá una actualización Flash para el Wii? Crucen sus dedos. Tendremos que esperar para enterarnos.


In English | En español

From time to time, while looking at my friends and relatives’ photos in Facebook and MySpace, I think about saving them to my cell phone. Let’s say you guys want to do the same. But, how can that be done? A quick and excellent way to do that, while you use a desktop or laptop, is if you install an add-on called Pix2Fone. I have it installed in IE8 and Firefox 3.0.1. The add-on is less than 100Kb, and the pictures can be sent to virtually all mobile phones with color display, including the iPhone. Try it. It’s free.

Source: Pix2Fone [].

En español | In English

De vez en cuando, cuando veo las fotos de mis amigos y familiares en Facebook y MySpace, se me ocurre guardarlos en mi celular. Digamos que ustedes quieren hacer lo mismo. Pero, ¿cómo se puede hacer eso? Una manera rápida y excelente para hacerlo, mientras que usan una computadora de mesa o portátil, es si instalan un add-on llamado Pix2Fone. Lo tengo instalado en IE8 y Firefox 3.0.1. El add-on es menos de 100Kb, y las fotos pueden ser mandadas a casi todos los teléfonos móviles con visualizador o pantalla a color, incluyendo al iPhone. Pruébenlo. Es gratis.

Fuente: Pix2Fone [].