Majesco: “NBA Baller Beats” [X360] – Tutorial with Kenny Smith

[EN]: NBA Baller Beats, now available, was one of the games I had lots of fun with while at E3 2012. I have to say I’m no expert playing the sport of basketball in real life, but I was very good at EA’s NBA games and I’m a fan of the Orlando Magic since its first year. But unlike the basketball games done by EA and 2K Sports, this is a whole different experience. No, it’s not your regular NBA videogame, it’s a game that can actually turn you into a better basketball player in real life by learning the skills to succeed in the court. The following is a tutorial with two-time NBA champion with the Houston Rockets, Kenny Smith. I have to say the game is not easy for a noob (like me), but the skills are great, even though they may take some time to master them. Watch it.

[ES]:  NBA Baller Beats, ya disponible, fue uno de los juegos que me divirtió bastante en E3 2012. Tengo que decir que no soy experto jugando el deporte del baloncesto en la vida real, pero si era bueno en los juegos NBA de EA, y soy un aficionado del Orlando Magic desde su primer año. Pero no como en los juegos de basketball hechos por EA y 2K Sports, esta en una experiencia completamente diferente. No, no es tu videojuego habitual de la NBA, es un juego que en realidad puede convertirte en un mejor jugador de baloncesto en la vida real aprendiendo las destrezas para ser exitoso en la cancha. El siguiente es un tutorial con el dos veces campeón de la NBA con los Houston Rockets, Kenny Smith. Tengo que decir que el juego no es fácil para un novato (como yo), pero las destrezas son buenísimas, aunque puedan tomar algo de tiempo para dominarlas. Mírenlo.


Majesco @ E3 2012: “NBA Baller Beats” – Deron Williams

[EN]: If you get to go to E3 2012 and love the NBA, you may want to stop by the Majesco booth. Current Nets player Deron Williams will be showing off his abilities on the virtual court by playing NBA Baller Beats. From 12:30pm to 3:30pm on June 6th, he will be meeting fans, and will be giving demos of the game at 1pm & 2:30pm. Look for him on the halls of LACC.

[ES]: Si llegas a ir a la expo E3 2012, y te encanta la NBA, es posible que desees visitar la cabina de Majesco. El actual jugador de los Nets, Deron Williams, estará mostrando sus habilidades en la cancha virtual al jugar NBA Beats Baller. De las 12:30 pm a las 3:30 pm el 6 de junio, él se reunirá con los fans, y dará demostraciones del juego a la 1 pm y 2:30 pm. Búsquenlo por los pasillos de la LACC.

[Source/Fuente]: Majesco.

Majesco: “NBA Baller Beats” – Spalding & Panini join the fun | Se unen a la diversión Spalding y Panini

[ES]: Un juego de la liga de basketball no estaría completo sin una verdadera pelota para que la experiencia NBA sea más autentica. En esta oportunidad, Spalding se une con Majesco para ofrecer un verdadero balón oficial licenciado por la liga.

“Con NBA Baller Beats estamos enfocados en la entrega de un juego innovador que se mantenga fiel a la marca de la NBA por lo que hizo perfecto sentido de vincular el juego con la replica de un balón de baloncesto de alta calidad de la NBA”, lo mencionó el jefe ejecutivo de Majesco, Jesse Sutton.

Además, la empresa Panini, conocida por publicar tarjetas de colección de la NBA, otorgará premios en el juego como canciones, otros niveles de dificultad, y más de 100 posters y  tarjetas virtuales en el juego.

Lo que puedo decir es que ya me da las ganas de probar este juego.


Majesco Entertainment’s NBA Baller Beats Teams With Spalding & Panini

NBA Baller Beats Bundled With Spalding(R) NBA Game Ball Replica; Features Panini America’s 2012 NBA HOOPS Basketball Trading Cards

Edison, NJ—May 24, 2012—Majesco Entertainment Company (NASDAQ: COOL), publisher of the highly anticipated and innovative basketball video game NBA Baller Beats, is teaming up with two world-renowned basketball brands whose products are set to enhance the authentic basketball experience in the game.

Majesco Entertainment today confirmed that NBA Baller Beats, a fun, high-energy and first-of-its kind game that requires players to use a real basketball to play, will come packaged with a full-sized officially-licensed NBA game ball replica fromSpalding, the official provider of the NBA game basketball.  NBA Baller Beats, which is set to launch this fall exclusively on Kinect™ for Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, gets players on their feet mastering ball handling skills while playing to the beat of an electrifying soundtrack.  The Kinect motion sensor captures every movement of both player and ball to create an entirely new basketball gaming experience.
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¿¡Adiós, “Gears of War: Exile”!?

[EN]: During this weekend’s PAX East convention, Cliff Bleszinski (from Epic Games) mentioned the game the company was working on to bring a Kinect version to the franchise is no longer in development. At Pax, Bleszinski said  “Let’s just bury the hatchet now. Gears of War: Exile was an unannounced game that I can’t give any details about that has since been cancelled.” There was no info about how far along the company was able to work in the development of the game.

[ES]: Durante la convención de este fin de semana PAX East, Cliff Bleszinski (de Epic Games ) mencionó que el juego en el que la compañía estaba trabajando para traer una versión Kinect a la franquicia ya no está en desarrollo. En Pax, Bleszinski dijo: “Solo vamos a hacer las paces ahora. Gears of War : Exilio fue un juego sin previo aviso del que no puedo dar más detalles ya que ha sido cancelado”. No hubo información sobre cuánto la compañía fue capaz de trabajar en el desarrollo del juego.

[Source/Fuente]: GameSpot: Gears of War: Exile Cancelled [].

Capcom: “Steel Battalion Heavy Armor” – Story Trailer & Gameplay – 2012.03.05

Capcom: “Steel Battalion Heavy Armor” – Story Trailer – 2012.03.05

Capcom: “Steel Battalion Heavy Armor” – Gameplay – 2012.03.05

Capcom: “Steel Battalion Heavy Armor” [Xbox 360] – ‘Dual Control System’ Trailer – 2011.10.26


Capcom has just released a new trailer highlighting the Dual Control System in Steel Battalion Heavy Armor. Though no specific date has yet been announced, Capcom only mentioned “in 2012.” Still, it seems like one awesome title, especially because it allows a player to use a regular Xbox 360 controller and his/her body via Kinect to survive in the game. Watch the trailer.


Capcom acaba de lanzar un nuevo avance destaca el sistema de doble control de Steel Battalion Heavy Armor. Aunque ninguna fecha específica todavía no ha sido anunciado, Capcom sólo mencionó “en el 2012″. Aun así, parece ser un título impresionante, más bien porque permite a que el jugador use un control regular del Xbox 360 y su cuerpo via Kinect para sobrevivir en el juego. Miren el avance.

Source/Fuente: Capcom.

Microsoft to launch Kinect for Windows SDK

English | En español: Microsoft lanzará kit de desarrollo de software oficial para Kinect [].

Since the arrival of Kinect for the Xbox 360, Microsoft’s add-on device has quickly become one of the most popular not only for casual gamers, but for those who love tech. Due to its ability to recognize human movements used to interact with games without the need of a controller, the Kinect has been at the center of much attention since last November. Those enthusiastic fans who have the ability to program and managed by themselves to create software to extend the capabilities of Kinect to their Windows computers will now have the cooperation of Microsoft.

The company, after a few months, has noticed the interest of its fans and announced today the upcoming launch of the Kinect for Windows SDK (software development kit). The first release of the program will only be for enthusiasts and academic researchers (for noncommercial use) and will be available this spring, while the commercial version will be available to the public at a later date.

According to Cragin Mundie, Microsoft’s chief research and strategy officer, “Microsoft’s investments in natural user interfaces are vital to our long-term vision of creating computers that are intuitive to use and able to do far more for us.”

The SDK will provide the necessary tools to develop software to run on Windows 7 and on the Xbox 360.

Mundie also stated that “the resulting creativity and invention will open up a whole new world of possibilities for computing.”

Source: Microsoft Research: Academics, Enthusiasts to Get Kinect SDK [].

Xbox Press: “A Letter from Marc Whitten: E3 2010″

A Letter from Marc Whitten: E3 2010

Dear Xbox LIVE Members,

Today at E3, we revealed our vision for the transformation of games and entertainment. It was an honor to share with you the work the Xbox LIVE team has done this year.

On stage, I announced an exclusive collaboration between ESPN and Xbox LIVE to bring the stadium experience right into your living room, with more than 3,500 live and on-demand global sports events on I also announced Video Kinect and Zune music on Xbox LIVE, which will be enhanced by Kinect for Xbox 360, a truly extraordinary technology that makes these experiences simple, natural and above all, fun. I also talked about our continuing commitment to our global members, bringing Xbox LIVE to virtually every country where Xbox is sold and continuing to expand content and experiences around the world.

This innovation is our passion and our obligation to you, the Xbox LIVE community. The 25 million of you playing “Halo” (Microsoft Game Studios) and “Call of Duty” (Activision), watching movies on Zune and Netflix, and sharing with your friends have pushed us to think big and to continue delivering new and meaningful experiences.

We also unveiled the new Xbox 360. Built for you, the Xbox 360 250GB is back in black with a sleeker and leaner design, is whisper-quiet, and comes with an internal removable 250GB hard drive. It also boasts the fastest Wi-Fi built in on any console providing an even easier connection to your Xbox LIVE favorites, including the new offerings that we announced today.

With that in mind, I’d like to share a few more announcements and details about what’s in store for Xbox LIVE, including downloadable hits delivered in the third annual Summer of Arcade program, enhanced Netflix features, and much more.

• The New Dashboard and Kinect for Xbox 360. Here at E3 we’ve shown how Kinect for Xbox 360 will transform the way we experience entertainment. We’ve updated the dashboard with a new look and feel that makes it more inviting and open. We’ve also added the Kinect Hub, a portal to all the controller-free games and entertainment available on your Xbox 360, which you can access with the wave of your hand or the sound of your voice. Our vision for using your voice is “if you can see it, you can say it.” When you say “Xbox,” your console will reveal the commands you can say to navigate and interact with your entertainment. Kinect can also track 48 different points on each player’s body simultaneously. In only minutes it can learn your face and recognize you the next time you want to sign in. It’s truly remarkable to witness technology disappear, and we’re only beginning to scratch the surface of what it can do. Kinect also makes your existing games better. If you want, you can use it for party and in-game voice chat for all of your games on LIVE.

• Summer of Arcade. Summer of Arcade is a program that has delivered some of the most beloved Xbox LIVE Arcade games of all time, including “Braid” (Microsoft), “Castle Crashers” (Microsoft), “Shadow Complex” (Microsoft), and “Trials HD” (Microsoft). This year, enjoy another stellar line-up: “Castlevania Harmony of Despair” (Konami Digital Entertainment), “Hydro Thunder Hurricane” (Microsoft), “Lara Croft and the Guardian of the Light” (Square Enix), “Limbo” (Microsoft) and “Monday Night Combat” (Microsoft). The third annual Summer of Arcade will kick-off in July, and will continue to bring you the best downloadable titles in the industry. This comes hot off the heels of Xbox LIVE Arcade Block Party, which resulted in a record breaking March – the highest number of downloads for the month of March to date in Arcade history.

• Netflix Search. We’re proud of our continued innovation with Netflix. We were the first gaming console to bring instantly streaming movies from Netflix right to the living room. The first to let you update your Netflix instant Queue without a computer. And Xbox LIVE remains the only place you can share the fun with up to seven friends in a Movie Party. Starting this November, Xbox 360 will offer Netflix search. Just type what you’re looking for, immediately search from thousands of titles you can watch instantly, and update your Queue, all right over Xbox LIVE. We’re making your entertainment easier to discover.

• The Xbox LIVE and ESPN Community. Our breakthrough collaboration with ESPN is going to fundamentally change the way people think about sports at home. But beyond bringing the competition into your living room, Xbox LIVE is bringing unique new ways to share the sports you love with your friends and the entire community. With ESPN on Xbox LIVE you can become part of the action by declaring your allegiance to your team and seeing how many other Xbox LIVE members are on the same side. Join other fans with group trivia, polls and predictions that pit you against friendly rivals. You’ll be able to see what the Xbox LIVE community is watching, and which are the most popular games and events at that moment in time. It’s sports made more social, exciting and accessible, only on Xbox LIVE.

• More Music with Zune. Today, we took the next leap forward by bringing Zune music to Xbox LIVE. Zune will deliver seven million tracks to the Xbox LIVE community and an intuitive music experience unlike any other with Kinect. Zune music on Xbox also integrates seamlessly with the 16,000 music videos available through Zune on Xbox LIVE, so if you own a video it will automatically play on-screen during the corresponding song.

We’re proud that we have new partners, more gaming and entertainment content than ever before, and new ways to access and discover that content.

As we head into a new decade, my hope is to continue breaking barriers and crossing boundaries on Xbox LIVE by delivering the entertainment you want, shared with the people you care about, wherever you are. While I’m incredibly proud of my team and what we’ve shared with you today, the best is yet to come. Keep playing, keep sharing, keep pushing us.

See you on LIVE,

Marc Whitten

Gamertag – Notwen

Source/Fuente: Gamerscore News: A Letter from Marc Whitten: E3 2010 []