Capcom /Sony Pictures: “Resident Evil: Damnation” in 3D

From/De: Capcom


Full-length CG Movie Sequel Based on the Hit Franchise
Known as “Biohazard” in Japan and “Resident Evil” in the US
To be Released in 2012

September 14, 2010

CAPCOM Co., Ltd. (Osaka, Japan — Haruhiro Tsujimoto, President and COO; hereinafter “CAPCOM”) and Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Japan — representative director: Masao Morita; hereinafter “SPEJ”) have announced the coproduction of “Resident Evil: Damnation”, a sequel to the full-length CG animation feature “Resident Evil: Degeneration” based upon the Resident Evil (known in Japan as BIOHAZARD) series of games.

While the predecessor “Resident Evil: Degeneration” had only a limited 2-week / 3-screen theatrical release in Japan, Box Office sales surpassed 40 million yen, and the home video release has shipped more than 1.6 million copies worldwide, making the film a global hit.

Since its initial release in 1996, the “Resident Evil” series of home video games has established the “survival horror” genre and has shipped over 44 million units worldwide, continuing to captivate its fans as a powerful property. “Resident Evil 5″, which was released in 2009, shipped over 5.4 million units worldwide, recording the highest sales within the franchise.

The three “RESIDENT EVIL” live-action films previously released have collectively grossed US$ 380 million at the Box Office internationally, making it a mega hit franchise. “Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D” as known as “Biohazard 4: Afterlife”, which has just been released globally on September 10th, has become the Number One hit in Japan, the US, and other parts of the world during its opening weekend.

“Resident Evil: Damnation” will feature as its main character Leon S. Kennedy just like its predecessor. The film is currently in production, with plans for a terrifying 3D release in Japan in 2012.

Capcom: Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition – Excella Gionne – Mercenaries Reunion

From/De: Capcom

Move over boys! Here comes the merciless CEO of Tricell, Excella Gionne. As the assets continue to roll out for RESIDENT EVIL 5: GOLD EDITION, we are announcing Ms. Gionne as a new playable character in MERCENARIES REUNION.

Don’t let Excella’s looks deceive you. Extreme mercilessness contrasts with her beauty. With a strong fighting instinct backed up by superior martial art skills, Ms. Gionne can hold her own against any Majini attack!

If that weren’t enough for you, in the second episode DESPERATE ESCAPE, our heroes, Jill Valentine and Josh Stone have some new moves up their sleeves. Josh can tackle Majini to the ground or elbow drop injured Majini while Jill can jump on a Majini’s back and twist its neck. Experience Resident Evil 5 in a new way with strong team-work and these exciting moves!

Resident Evil 5: DLC & Gold Edition – Details | Detalles

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We announced to you this morning that we would be bringing you a ton of new content for RESIDENT EVIL 5 in a variety of different ways! Now we blow the lid off with more information on the DLC content and a calendar that includes all dates and prices.

For the downloadable content, we plan to release two new episodes, a host of new costumes, and a new “THE MERCENARIES REUNION” mode, featuring 8 new playable characters and weapon load outs.

For those RESIDENT EVIL fans who prefer a box copy, we are also happy to report that we will be releasing a RESIDENT EVIL 5: GOLD EDITION that will include the original game plus all additional content, making this the ultimate RESIDENT EVIL5 experience.   RESIDENT EVIL 5: GOLD EDITION will be available for $49.99 as a single Blu-ray disc for the PLAYSTATION 3 or as a DVD with a token for the downloadable content for XBOX 360.

Previously only seen during cut scenes of the original RESIDENT EVIL 5, the first new episode titled “LOST IN NIGHTMARES”, finds BSAA agent, Chris Redfield, working with his partner, Jill Valentine, as they investigate Ozwell E. Spencer’s hideaway.   Spencer, the evil mastermind and co-founder of Umbrella Corporation, has been hiding a new evil deep within the basement of his mansion. Chris and Jill discover this grotesque evil standing in their way as the two enter deeper into the catacombs beneath the mansion.

Simultaneous with the release of “LOST IN NIGHTMARES”, new costumes for Chris and Sheva will be made available, allowing the player to experience RESIDENT EVIL 5 with a fresh new look and feel through both game play and cut-scene playback.   A new refresh of Mercenaries Mode, “ THE MERCENARIES REUNION”, gives players new playable characters and weapon load outs which provide players additional challenges as they aim to shoot down as many enemies as they can within a limited time.   Each piece of downloadable content will contain two new playable characters.   The GOLD EDITION will feature all eight.

More information regarding the second episode is still to come so be on the look out for more great RESIDENT EVIL info coming soon!

Please see below for a release schedule of all additional content:

Platform DLC: US: Europe :
360 LOST IN NIGHTMARES 2/17/10 2/17/10
360 Costume Pack 1 2/17/10 2/17/10
360 Episode 2 (title TBA) 3/3/10 3/3/10
360 Costume Pack 2 3/3/10 3/3/10
DLC: US: Europe :
PS3 LOST IN NIGHTMARES 2/18/10 2/18/10
PS3 Costume Pack 1 2/18/10 2/18/10
PS3 Episode 2 (title TBA) 3/4/10 3/4/10
PS3 Costume Pack 2 3/4/10 3/4/10
360 Disc + download token 3/9/10 $49.99
PS3 All content on disc 3/9/10 $49.99
360 Disc + download token 3/12/10
PS3 All content on disc 3/12/10

Also be sure to check out our official Capcom community site, Capcom Unity, for all the latest scoop at:

Resident Evil 5: The Alternative Edition – [PS3/X360]

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Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition Content Coming to North America and Europe

Hi Everyone,

You can try to forget the fear but it will never go away…

Following the announcement of Resident Evil 5: The Alternative Edition by Capcom Japan at the 2009 Tokyo Game Show, Capcom’s North American and European community sites decided to post polls and determine how fans in the pan-western regions would like the new Resident Evil 5 content delivered to them. The surveys asked the Capcom community to state their preference- either a hard disc with the new content included or as downloadable content. Based on the results of the polls, Capcom is pleased to announce that new downloadable content will be available for Resident Evil 5 owners this spring via XBOX Live and PlayStation Network.

For more information on Resident Evil 5, please visit the official Capcom press center at

The Capcom PR Team

Capcom: RE5 & MH Freedom Unite PSP – Winners @ Japan Game Awards

From/De: Capcom Investor Relations Team

“Resident Evil 5″ Wins Award for Excellence; “Monster Hunter Freedom
Unite PSP® The Best” Wins Special Award at Japan Game Awards
– Capcom also receives Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize and Future Prize –
Capcom Co., Ltd. (Capcom) is proud to announce that “Resident Evil 5″ received an Award of Excellence and “Monster Hunter Freedom Unite PSP® The Best” received a Special Award at the Japan Game Awards: 2009. The “Monster Hunter team” was also awarded the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize, an award that commends both the product and the people who created it. The Japan Game Awards: 2009 (Hosted by Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association) were presented at the Tokyo Game Show held from September 24th to the 27th.

There were also several Capcom titles selected by fans to receive the Future Award, an award that designates the games that players are most looking forward to. The games selected, “Lost Planet 2″ and “Ghost Trick” , are only just a few of the amazing products that Capcom plans to release in the future.

The Award of Excellence winner, “Resident Evil 5″, is the newest game in one of Capcom’s most beloved series. It brought a whole new level of fear to players through amazing graphics and the contrast between light and dark. Since it’s release in March 2009, Biohazard 5 has shipped over 5 million copies (as of 09/28/2009)..

“Monster Hunter Freedom Unite” is a multi-player hunting action game enjoyed by players of all different eages. A massive hit in Japan, the PSP®(PlayStation®Portable) title has shipped an unprecedented 3.6 million copies (including “Monster Hunter Freedom Unite PSP® The Best”) since March 2008 (as of 9/28/2009).

The Monster Hunter development team was given the prestigious Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize, an award given for meaningful contribution to the growth and development of the video game industry. This award will help further promote Capcom’s name and talent throughout the video game industry.

Capcom will continue to utilize its strengths in order to develop original and creative games that its fans will be sure to enjoy.

【Award List 】

■Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry

Award Name Winner Platform
Minister of Economy,
Trade and Industry Prize
Monster Hunter Development Teams

■Games of the Year Division


Award Name Title Platforms
Award for Excellence Resident Evil 5 PLAYSTATION®3、
Xbox 360®
Special Award Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
PSP® The Best
PSP® (PlayStation®Portable)

■Future Division

Award Name Title Platform
  Lost Planet 2 PlayStation®3、
Xbox 360®
Ghost Trick Nintendo DS®

〔 Game Lineup 〕

『Resident Evil 5』

Genre Survival Horror img_090928a
Release Date March 5th, 2009(Japan)

『Monster Hunter Freedon Unite PSP® the Best』

Genre Hunting Action
Release Date October 30th, 2008(Japan)

『Lost Planet 2』

Genre Action Shooting
Release Date PlayStation®3  TBD
Xbox 360® This Winter

『Ghost Trick』

Genre Hunting Action
Release Date Planned 2010(Japan)

※PlayStation® and PSP® are registered trademarks of the Sony Computer Entertainment.

※Xbox 360 is registered trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation and/or related companies.

※Nintendo DS® is a registered trademark of Nintendo.

Capcom: Resident Evil 5 – Majini Facebook App

From/De: Capcom

We’re excited to let you know that Intel will be celebrating the Resident Evil 5 PC Launch by offering Majini Facebook Application to fans!

Intel, in partnership with Capcom Entertainment Inc., has announced today that in celebration of the launch of Resident Evil 5 on PC on September 15, 2009, they have come together with The Game Agency to create a Facebook application that gives users a chance to see their most evil side –literally. The Majini Makeover application – found at – allows Facebook users who are fans of the ultra popular series to transform a regular photo into a grotesque Resident Evil 5 inspired Majini. The evil is infectious as the service also allows fans to show their dark side to their friends through Facebook.

Once a user selects an image from a personal or friends’ public photo gallery, he or she can use a library of gruesome wounds, stitches, worms and more to turn themselves into one of the infected Majini’s. If you don’t feel like getting infected, then grab a friend’s photo, tag them and suddenly you’ve created a photo album with one evil friend – or maybe a new enemy! Use a picture of yourself with your closest friends to create a bloody, stitched up group of evildoers right out of the world of Resident Evil.

Intel, whose processors make Resident Evil 5 for the PC’s game play as stunning and fast as it is scary, stepped in to make the transition to evil even more enticing.   Users who enter their transformed image into a public Facebook gallery are entered to win a desktop computer, copies of the game, Resident Evil collectibles, and five top of the line Intel® Core™ i7 processors. Resident Evil 5 for PC has been optimized for the Core™ i7 and takes full advantage of its intelligent, multi-core technology for increased realism and a better immersive experience.

The teams have also collaborated to create the Resident Evil 5 multimedia widget, which fans can take to over 60 destinations including their desktop, Facebook and MySpace.   The multimedia widget will feature a video, photos, additional contest – where users can enter to win even more Resident Evil 5 products, Capcom news and the photo gallery from the Facebook Majini Makeover application.

Resident Evil 5 [PC] – 09.15.2009

From/De: Capcom


A Whole New Dimension of Horror Comes to PC Fans

Capcom is pleased to announce that Resident Evil 5 for the PC will release on September 15, 2009 in North America and September 18 th in Europe. PC gamers will get the ultimate Resident Evil package in the new PC version as new features will include NVIDIA®’s new GeForce® 3D Vision technology (wireless 3D Vision glasses sold separately), new costumes and a new and improved mercenaries mode with three times as many enemies.

Fans that pick up the PC version will be the first to experience stereoscopic 3D out of screen effects as their living rooms are transformed into the world of Kijuju. Infected Majini coming at players from every angle, dust flying in and out of screen and the scariest bosses to date are taken up a notch . Resident Evil 5 PC is a whole new level of fear players will never forget. The game also supports Stereoscopic 3D in all of its cut scenes – an industry first.

These groundbreaking stereoscopic 3D effects were developed in close cooperation with NVIDIA, which is why the game is part of NVIDIA’s “The Way It’s Meant To Be Played” partnership program. Resident Evil fans can check out the 3D action for themselves today as a new stereo 3D tech demo with benchmark is available to download today on NVIDIA’s official site at . To find out more info on NVIDIA’s GeForce 3D Vision technology, click on the link here, .
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